How to Play UNO! Online on PC – Download it Here for Free

The hit game loved by people worldwide finally comes in a free to play version! Play the UNO! Online game on PC for free! Download the game here. Everybody knows UNO! Your friends, your family, and even your neighbors know about it. And, if you happen to be one of those that never experienced the game, now is your chance to play it first-hand!

Get it for your PC and connect with either your friends or millions of players online in a high stakes competition where only the numero uno can reign supreme. It’s a non-stop casual strategy card game that rewards players for quick thinking and taking significant risks.


Uno Gameplay Online


What You Need to Know

Before getting into the game, you need to know what you are getting into.

Fast-Paced UNO Gameplay

The very focus of the game is to ensure that it all ends at around 3 minutes. This is also one of the fastest card games available right now because every move is timed per player. The quick pacing of the game also makes it appealing for so many people because it is pretty much a pick-up and play type of game. It does not have the same patience as playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker yet not too fast to the point where it’s just Filipino Tex. It has an excellent pace, and everybody can enjoy it for speedy gameplay with many strategic opportunities.

Multiple Game Modes

You got the classic mode, then the crazy way, and even a tag team mode. There are also events in the game which include specific themes like Hot Wheels or Barbie. These are all free to unlock as soon as you keep progressing throughout the game — no need to pay for them.

The Basics of UNO!

There are a total of 4 players in a match. Each player has eight cards as a starter. These cards come in 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. The objective is to draw all cards in your hand on the table to be declared the winner. Once the first card gets set on the table, the first player must either match that card with the same color or the same number.

Every flipped card is one turn per player. The rotation of turns, by default, goes clockwise. Every time you do not have a matching number or color, you must get a card on the deck. If it still does not have a match, you must keep on getting more cards on the deck until you find a game.

While this all sounds too simple, remember that UNO is most known for its “power” cards. These unique cards give you perks and will heighten your chance of winning the game. These include the reverse card (aka the “no u” card). A black card that lets you decide what color the next person should draw is a +4 card that forces your opponent to draw four cards from the deck against their will.

The skip card then forces the player next to you to wait for one turn to draw another card. If you manage to take off all cards from your hand, then you are the winner.

Trickier Than It Looks

Everything does seem simple in this game, yet you need to know when and what card you should draw in the right situation. This phase is where the real strategy comes into play and where the best players are tested. The game needs you to be witty, but you need to act fast because you only have a few seconds to draw a card, or else you skip your turn.

Using Bonuses

A unique feature in this digital game is the addition of boosters. These let you increase the amount of gold and XP you earn in each game. But, beyond boosting the money and level, there are no game-breaking trinkets here that will turn UNO into a pay to win multiplayer.

The Other Modes

Alongside the classic game, mode are other wacky modes that will refresh everything you know about UNO! Online. The most played miscellaneous game mode is party mode, which doubles the number of unique cards, which matches a frenzy of crazy moves. There is also a competitive ranked mode; however, we highly recommend that you steer clear from this because it is where the toxic community labors. Alongside these modes even include a 2v2 co-op battle where the whole team wins if one gets the UNO.

Playing on PC

We don’t need to explain how you should play this game on PC because it’s all just point and click anyway. After all, there are no required hotkeys to memorize or have to have a sort of awareness. You just need your mouse to navigate throughout the game.


UNO Card Gameplay


How to Download UNO! Online

As the game might seem tricky to play, downloading UNO on PC is easy as lying every card on the table. And don’t worry, because you don’t need to go somewhere else to try it for free. You can access UNO directly on this page; here’s how.

  1. Click on the “Play Now” button that you can on the Homepage site of this screen. You can also move through the Download page of this site and check on the best system that will work for you on your PC.
  2. After that, a prompt will appear on your computer, ready for download and installing UNO on your computer. Make sure to click the yes button and agree to all terms and agreements to continue the process.
  3. Wait for several minutes for the whole method to get done. Take note that launcher will also get installed on your PC. With this application, you can freely enjoy more of your favorite games online.
  4. If successfully installed, the game will automatically launch to your PC.
  5. You can enjoy playing UNO with your friends without hassle!

Simple and easy steps right? So, what are you waiting for? Download and play this game now for free! Don’t wait for someone to get UNO first than you!