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UNO! Online on PC – The Other UNO Games

UNO! Online took the world by storm with its authentic UNO gameplay set in a free to play platform. With such accessibility, millions of players from all over the globe found their ideal fun in this game. Free from pay to win antics and all other fuss, this is the best way to play UNO if you do not have the physical tabletop game to play with friends.

With just a PC or handheld device, you can connect to limitless people in a 4-man online battle to see who gets to shout UNO first. However, before the dawn of Mattel’s official game, there were several other carbon copies of the world-famous card game. Let’s check some of the more famous ones.


UNO Card One Green


Card Party! Uno Online Games with Friends Family

Bizarrely enough, this was the first unofficial UNO game in the market. Made by a small independent Indian game developer called Bombay Play, Card Party was the game that satisfied many people’s cravings for UNO on the go. It had the same goals, the same mechanics, the same everything – just with a rather bland presentation.

People were into it because of the gameplay, not the display. It eventually had more than a million downloads until Mattel decided to create the legit UNO game. It’s quite odd that Mattel did not even bother to sue the developers despite copying the same of pretty much everything.

UNO – Crazy 8 Sequence: Up to 4 player games!

Okay, now this one is more of a direct blatant rip-off based on the name itself. While it didn’t get any commercial success, it did get the attention of a large group of players, so they know what’s the game about. It’s just the same thing but with UNU instead of the letter O.


UNO Card Leo's Turn


Surprisingly it has quite a production; it has a dedicated story mode, characters and some pretty good art style and visual presentation. That said, the name did not stand out much because it has a reputation of being a copycat to the original game.

Phase 10: World Tour

While this is nothing close to being a clone, this is a similar game also published by Mattel. It’s UNO for older people since it has a more serious tone and more extended gameplay. Think of it as Rummy with a casual twist to make it unique compared to their poster boy game that is UNO. That’s all that we have!

Do you have any games like UNO in your mind as well? Why not share it with us here! Download the official UNO game for Free and enjoy playing it with friends now.