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UNO! Online on PC – Why People Love UNO! Multiplayer

For years, many people have enjoyed the card game UNO! on the family dinner tables, picnics, and in a friend’s room. There have been many spin-offs of it too, but, as they all say, the original is always best. When word came out that Mattel – the publisher of the card game – would release a free to play digital version for everyone, people were more than happy to know about it.

When it launched in 2018, it immediately became the number one card game on multiple platforms, defeating the long-time competitive multiplayer card game Hearthstone. Now, with millions of players every day, you are never too short to play with strangers and friends online.


UNO Card Leo's Turn


What Makes It Fun

The ease of use and its welcoming approach to card games makes it fun for everyone of all ages. There are no bets involved, nor are there any complex combinations that you should refer to a textbook or anything. Within just a few minutes, you and anybody can familiarize with the game and its numerous strategies. Sure, some are better than others, but that comes with experience.

There are no required levels of skill to play with anybody because the game is generally a free-for-all. While there may be some smart tactics that you may miss, it will come naturally to you as you keep playing the game. Also, its multiple game modes make the game feel refreshing and new for both inexperienced players and the veterans of UNO.

The Version That Stood Out

This is the official game published by world-renowned toy company Mattel. While they may have released previous versions of UNO, this is their best-selling and most downloaded hit because of its broad accessibility to just about anybody in the world. It is free of charge, and it includes everything you know and loves about the original UNO game.


Uno Matchmaking


UNO! Online on PC is the only free to play version of the game with the complete content. You can unlock various trinkets, backgrounds, voices and themes through just playing the game – even if you never pay for it with real money.

Fast Matchmaking

Within just seconds, you can connect to just about any three people in a match. This is because of the high activity of the community with over millions of players logging in daily. Even inviting friends is made easy thanks to its social media platform connection.

Are you excited to try and play it with your friends now? Cool, then Download UNO for Free here!